Free Artwork

Free ArtworkWe have a dedicated creative team to design your orders for any custom product. All you need to share us your preference on color and size, and rest is our duty to come up with a nice design for your custom lanyards, beverage can coolers, or any item that you choose from our shelves. You even can send us just an image of the logo/subject you want to print on your product, we will ensure to make a nice and smooth vector out of it and print on the product. Our artwork team works 24X7 so, you will have the immediate assistance as you contact them at any time of the day.

Free Shipping

free shippingAny price that you are provided with is-the price with the FREE SHIPPING OFFER. It includes the supreme service of international couriers. We have strategic alliances with FedEx, DHL and UPS to deliver your product with great care and in timely manner. So, while you are ordering a custom lanyard, or a custom can cooler or any of custom made products, you don’t have to worry about incoterms or shipping hassles, because we made it easier for you by providing you the DOOR-TO-DOOR FREE SHIPPING OFFER.

 Free Rush Production

Free Rush ProductionBeing the manufacturer, we have the capacity to understand the urgency of your product. So, we produce your order at the lowest lead-time across the industry.
Most orders are produced in 2 to 3 working days*. Expedited Production is COMPLETELY FREE and we don’t take the advantage of your urgency rather we understand your need of receiving the products at lowest possible time.

Free Eco-Packaging

Free Eco PackagingEvery single order is packed with great care with eco friendly recycled paper cartons and biodegradable plastic bags. You are caring to the environment, we too. We care about your concern, so we too, don’t let you use a box or a pack that will be disposed in environment in an inappropriate way. That’s why, it is our little effort for a big concern of you. You care the world-so we do!